Primary School Principal

Beryl Nicholson Beryl Nicholson

Ms. Beryl Nicholson is a highly skilled leader with over 30 years of educational experience in providing the vision and leadership required to ensure a high quality of education for students. She has a proven track record of successful leadership for staff, management of resources and improvement of educational systems, thus enabling students and teachers to work in the best environment to achieve their full potential.

Her international school experience includes 2 years in UAE, 5 years in Switzerland, 2 years in Seychelles, Yemen and Oman.

While working at the International School Zurich North as the acting Head of Primary & PYP Coordinator she implemented the latest guidelines from CIS with regard to Child Protection and Safe Guarding, developed the numeracy and literacy programs to dovetail the PYP philosophy. As a Head of Primary of the International School Seychelles Ms. Nicholson established a mentorship program for new teachers and worked in collaboration with Zurich University to manage and mentor Swiss trainee teachers.

Beryl has an ability to work under pressure, she is able to handle difficult situations and can clearly articulate the vision of the school so that it is understood and acted upon effectively by all.Furthermore, Ms. Nicholson likes swimming, netball, athletics, horse riding, reading, skiing, walking and camping.