ISK aspires to provide students with a rigorous program that encourages them to excel not only in their academic development but also in their personal growth.

ISK Curriculum

We think that the student, not the teacher, should be in the centre of the educational process. Many schools are passive to understand that one approach to all the students does not always bring the same positive result.The ability to differentiate and focus on the students’ strengths, international standards, a thoroughly developed educational content and physical space, teaching in collaboration — all of these should become a new educational paradigm. 

English is our language of instruction

With all expatriate homeroom teachers, our students are fully immersed in English language all day.With the exception of our Russian teachers, all other specialist teachers also instruct using English. Students quickly learn to read, write, speak, listen and think in English. All our teachers are highly qualified and skilled educators with many years of teaching experience in countries all over the world. Each classroom also has a bilingual (Russian and English) assistant teacher.

To ensure that all of our students have access to English books at the appropriate levels and interests, they can check books out of the school library to support the unit they are studying or just reading for pleasure. We have also purchased subscriptions to Raz-kids, which allows each child to have their own personalized account, and Reading A-Z. To assist parents in building their own home libraries to further support their child’s academic development, we also take part in the Scholastic Book Club, which allows parent to purchase books six times throughout the school year.

Fields of study
  1. Academic

    We educate sociable, curious and civilized people

  2. Sportive

    We pay great attention to physical education of a person

  3. Creative

    We help children to realize their creativity

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