Through participation in triathlon, we hope to motivate individuals to make positive changes in their personal lives, whilst promoting positive change for those in need throughout the world starting in their own community.


Promote a healthy and active lifestyle for all ages, while providing goods and/or services to those in need throughout the world.

How it all Began

Tri4Change was founded in Beijing, China in 2014 by a group of like minded teachers who wanted to make a difference. Vic Caban, founder of Tri4Change, and his original team of Kirk Leichner, Hadleigh Crysell, RiAnn Caban, and Anna Sarty, began with a vision and the intention to spread this idea around the globe.

27th April
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  1. Provide a community feel for anyone interested in trying triathlons of any distance
  2. Share training programs, training tips, lifestyle help in a non-threatening/ intimidating environment
  3. Raise money for goods/supplies needed to improve situations in various parts of the world
  4. Establish several Tri4Change chapters throughout the world
  5. To make
    a difference


The Swim-400m

The swim will happen in the ISK Secondary Campus pool. Locker rooms at the pool will be open for changing. Each triathlete will be assigned 1/2 of a lane (2 swimmers per lane). Swimmers are to swim down and back on the same side of the swim lane, 400m will require touching 16 walls (8 round trips). Lap counters will be on deck to assure swimmers complete the correct number of lengths. Upon finishing the swim triathletes will exit the pool area and proceed to the transition area. Maximum swim time is 15 minutes. If a triathlete is still swimming at that time, they will be asked to proceed to the transition area and begin the bike portion of the race.

The Bike - 10km

The bike route will be 10km, and we will add in the map once it is confirmed.

The Run- 3Km

The run will be two loops (1.5km each loop) around the school. The triathlon race will finish on the ISK school track. Triathletes are advised to run with a high sense of awareness due to passing cars and bicycles.

Previous Tri4Change Events
Event #1: Beijing Super Sprint Triathlon, May 17, 2014
Event #2: Beijing Super Sprint Triathlon, May 16, 2015
Event #3: Beijing Super Sprint Triathlon, May 14, 2016
Event #4: Beijing Super Sprint Triathlon, May 13, 2017
Event #5: Beijing Super Sprint Triathlon, June 2, 2018
Event #6: Dar es Salaam Super Sprint Triathlon, December 2, 2018
Event #7: Kazan Super Sprint Triathlon, April 27, 2019
Event #8: Beijing Super Sprint Triathlon, June, 2019
Event #9: Dar es Salaam Super Sprint Triathlon, December, 2019

For more information please contact: tri4changekazan@gmail.com
All proceeds will go to the charity Children's Angels

The public charity organization for children with special needs “Children-Angels” was created by parents whose children have different diagnoses. The purpose of this organization is to provide psychological, educational and financial support to families with disabled children, to provide them with equal rights and opportunities and help them to become a fully fledged member of our society.